What is Software Scalability and Why is it Important?

As an entity increases the volume of its sales, it is a challenge to maintain or increase the level of efficiency and profitability. However, growth demands that these levels are maintained or raised for the stability of the business. Stakeholders in the business, such as investors, also long for the point of growth since it means more business and profits.

The founders of Unacademy are smart enough to understand that YouTube might always remain free for all platform and it might be difficult to make a business out of the popularity of the channel. The success of Unacademy and Byju’s along with a lot of test-taking and test preparation platforms that the current smartness is not in replacing the teacher but in augmenting the teaching process. So I felt it right to analyse what led to this eLearning company raising money successfully from a group of investors and what other startups in general and eLearning, in particular, can learn from them. It might be too early to judge the financial success of Unacademy but we can surely say that it has created a presence among its peers and its success is commendable. Unexpected results may also be raised after launching the product in the customer environment.

Reasons behind Scalability

To perform scalability testing, requires a high-level of testing knowledge and skills. Usually, the response time of an application reduces as the user load is enhanced. Therefore, we can quickly identify the bottleneck by performing downward scalability testing. In this testing, the Test Cases are designed and implemented in a well-organized manner. It also analysis the system, processes, or database’s ability to meet an upward need.

What is Software Scalability and Why is it Important?

The tools facilitate the assessment and facilitation of scalability at every level. Therefore, the management of the business is eased and the efficiency of operations increases significantly. Capital budgeting is also easy in a scalable business with increased efficiency in operations in the entity. The scalability testing will help us to save a lot of money and time if we identify the cause of multiple performance issues in the specific application during the testing phase. If we execute the scalability testing, we can control the end-user experience under the specific load.

Reasons behind Scalability

It lets developers know the limitations of the app based on response time, CPU usage, network usage, and other attributes. When synchronous communication on a (wide-area) network makes scaling hard! If our system uses synchronous communication, then it’s likely that, at some point, the network itself could fail while one resource is blocking and awaiting a response from another. Contemporary cloud-centric technologies today all have an eye on the scalability factor.

Once a user sends a request, the app takes a particular time for the server to respond. The time between the user request and app response is called the response time. Developers conduct this testing to understand how much time an app will respond under the minimum, threshold, and maximum load.

Software scalability is a measure of how easy it is to grow or shrink a piece of software. In many cases it refers to the software’s ability to handle increased workloads while adding users and removing them with minimal cost impact. Often software scalability also refers to the software’s ability to perform and support growing amounts of data. Scalability Testing is to measure at what point the software product or the system stops scaling and identify the reason behind it. The parameters used for this testing differs from one application to the another.

Seamless Scalability from the Data Center to the Cloud

The scalability of a business also depends on the effectiveness of communication, whether internally to the workforce or externally to clients and investors. Consistency in brand messaging should persist, as it helps the public understand and become persuaded into liking the product. Decreased brand messaging portrays a lack of passion or loss of persistence, which makes the company weaker among its competitors and less capable in terms of scalability. Technology links businesses directly to clients, especially in the advertising world where the digital platform makes advertisements easy and affordable even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Reasons behind Scalability

By bringing in educators as collaborators, Unacademy killed multiple birds with a single stone. Some automation tools used for Scalability testing is costlier which ultimately increases the budget of the product. Memory usage is the measurement of the memory consumed for performing a task by an application.

Fully Managed Technology Services

Synchronous communication is not entirely a terrible thing; in fact, there are times when synchronous communication works perfectly well. Communication between parts of a system are really centered upon what kind of network they are using. But why, exactly, do these two characteristics of a system cause so many bumps in the road when we’re trying to grow a system?

These apps and websites have a very clear goal as of now – they are not here to replace the teacher, they are here to augment the teaching and learning process. Recent history has shown that any giant company trying to replace the traditional classroom teaching model or TEACHER for that matters has https://globalcloudteam.com/ been teetered to its fall. Any revolution in education cannot start in mainstream education, it has to start and penetrate in the parallel education system first. The concept of learning from the comfort of home at much lesser fees makes these apps a very attractive proposition for the students.

Modern cloud service providers operate from geographically distributed data centers which are often protected by military-grade facilities with backup generators and equipment. Even if one data center were to be knocked offline, your applications and data are most likely going to be secure and available. Try replicating that level of security in a small or medium-sized business environment.


For instance, if you buy a technology system for 1 million users, and your workforce increases from 50,000 to 1, 00,000, then you would not need to replace your system. Capital planning likewise gets alleviated in a scalable business with expanded effectiveness in tasks and operations because of the effective evaluation of scaling at different levels. Scalability for business demands different devices and tools for facilitating the evaluation to ensure scalability at each level.

In all the cases, a scalable business alludes to the capacity to adapt, especially concerning development and expanded demand without compromising the quality, efficiency, performance, and productivity. Small businesses need to be more cautious with the restricted resources they have, and that is why, to optimize their performances at the times of changes in demands, they should incorporate scalability. The consequences of not having enough computing or storage resources are dire.

  • Our culture still has the profound importance of a teacher and a physical learning process.
  • Technically, a scalability test allows developers to find defects in a system/software and rectify them at their earliest.
  • It also analysis the system, processes, or database’s ability to meet an upward need.
  • It is relevant in both money related as well as business management and operational strategies.
  • It will take us a profound cultural shift and a generational change to replace this learning process by a virtual learning environment.
  • But if a business is to truly succeed, it goes without saying that it needs to be able to facilitate growth.

He is a professor of economics and has raised more than $4.5 billion in investment capital. Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance. Adam received his master’s in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses.

Consider PaaS solutions

Depending on the application type, it is always tested for the number of users that it can support without its breakdown or busy standby situation. If we use the advanced tools for Scalability testing and an exclusive testing team for performance testing, it will cause an over budget for the projects. Businesses have many options for how to set up a customized, scalable cloud solution via public cloud, private cloudor hybrid cloud. Whenever we use an app, it uses some memory to access the device’s Random Access Memory, thereby allowing the app to run efficiently.

What to test in Scalability Testing

Team members involve in this testing technique should have high level of testing skills. Once the test development has been performed, we will analyze the recorded results and build the necessary report. After the assessment, we will prepare the test plans, test scenarios, and test cases, which cover and analyze the software’s working for each incremental development.

Cloudinary is using a degree of Artificial Intelligence to help its mission. In the case of digital image and video management at scale, AI can be used to intelligently reformat videos to adapt to different environments, automatically detecting the most important visual elements. AI also helps creative teams do things like auto-tag media assets to make them easier to find and reuse.

How to Write Your Own Cloud Workload Solution In 3 Steps

Therefore, businesses have to have an approach to deal with these expansions to avoid poor performance, helpless client relations and brought down repute. When a business develops, its principal objective is to keep on satisfying the needs of its audiences and fulfilling the market demands. Here, it is important to understand that market demands are rarely static. The scalability of a business depends upon the effective communication inside the organization with the workforce as well as outside the organization with customers, clients, and stakeholders. Frequently, the ability to be scalable of one segment will tie into the scalability of another segment of an organization.

No country has seen more flight than Venezuela, which has been riven by political, economic and humanitarian turmoil. October, the most recent month for which CBP has data publicly available, saw the largest single month of apprehensions yet. When Gaurav difference between scalability and elasticity in cloud computing brought Roman on board as the cofounder, the team was uniquely placed to create courses for the students. The courses that they started creating are high-value intensive courses like the preparation for IAS concentrating on certain subjects.


Access Any App on Any Device Empower your employees to be productive from anywhere, with secure, frictionless access to enterprise apps from any device. VMware Cross-Cloud™ services enable organizations to unlock the potential of multi-cloud with enterprise security and resiliency. The network usage test informs the developers about the bandwidth consumption of an app. CPU usage indicates how much stress the app is causing to the processor of the system/device. In other words, it says what percentage of the processor core is engaged when we use the app.

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